kmt / n-o-m-a-d    office for architecture, landscape & urbanism member of n-o-m-a-d



Our work encompasses a variety of scales and themes, including social research, spatial relationships, bio-technical systems, landscape strategies and architecture, construction methods, and urbanism. Exploring variation in design via systematic shifts in repetition, and the fluctuating relationship between architecture, landscape, and urbanism are some of our particular interests.

We practice design management as a working method, and typically draw on experts from various fields during the initial stage of a project, in order to ensure a dynamic and fruitful exchange across disciplines, and a holistic approach to design. As a member of the n-o-m-a-d network - a global network of independent offices, initiated in April, 2000 as an interdisciplinary platform for the discussion and analysis of changes in society and their effects on the built environment - we can draw on experts in landscape architecture, construction, multi-media, ecology, and biological engineers to engage in a team-oriented design process.

This decentralized method creates a dialogue across territories, disciplines, and cultures, and enriches a expansive and strategic palette of options and decisions in the formulation of a project.

KMT's team members all possess sound educations and extensive experience in leadership positions with renowned international offices such as Zaha Hadid and Rem Koolhaas. Members have led projects including the multi-unit housing project of Spittelau, Vienna, AT from Zaha Hadid, as well as urban and public projects in Singapore and Spain, and the Casa da Música in Porto, Portugal.