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bicycle lane and foot path  Margaretengürtel
bicycle lane and foot path across Margaretengürtel
(Vienna, Austria), Competition, 2009

Program: bicycle lane and foot path, Lenght of Bridge 190 m
Client: Magistrat der Stadt Wien
Partner: Prof. Ing. Antonio Capsoni
(B&C Associati)
Dr.Ing. Josef Taverner
(Studio Bergmeister)
With: Julcsi Futo, Johanna Werschnig
The bridge weaves lightly through the treetops and above the green, allowing the site to remain open, such that the views through the site are preserved.

The bridge system is a 190 meters long stress-ribbon bridge, made out of light-weight concrete, with dual change of direction. The rolling footpath simultaneously serves as the bearing structure. The connection between the green and the bridge is carried out via the staircase, which is attached to the main frame. The height difference of 6 meters is overcome using ramps. Therefore the bridge remains, accessible for all without resorting to lifts. Cycle paths continue along the Wiental and both sides of the bridge ramps.

The social-service facilities are positioned in the westward head of the bridge. The layers in the pavilion and the bridge are made accessible using lifts. The 180 m2 large event and exhibition area, can be used for multiple purposes. It includes a cafe, toilets, a conference room, offices, and storage space.

Phytoremediation of the contaminated site area, facilitates the long term use of the area. Two Methods were put forward: First,the cultivation of various cyanogen species the absorb toxic substances from the ground. Second, water hyacinths along water basins that neutralize toxic substances in the groundwater. The ecologically valuable area of the dry biotope will be preserved and can be used for show-and-tell.