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«Noise Protection Folds»
(A10 Tauernautobahn, Austria), Competition, 2006
1. Mention

Program: Designing Noise Protection Folds
Partner: Matthias Frei
With: Ines Fritz
Landscape: Lisa MacKenzie (Edinburgh, n-o-m-a-d)
Struct. Engineer
Building Physics:
Dr.Ing. Josef Taverner
(Studio Bergmeister)
Instead of the spreading tendency of hiding highways behind noise protection walls, and creating a monotonous journey, the goal of the submission is to increase the relationship to and perception of the surrounding Alpen landscape, while simultaneously reducing noise emissions. The project consists of combined noise protection measures such as plantings, earth walls, and folded wooden walls to accent particular areas which require special attention from the driver.

The folded panels subtly provoke a decrease in speed, increasing the driver's cognition at entrance and exit ramps, parking areas, emergency exits and calling boxes. At the same time, the folds may serve in certain areas as information panels for the tourism-based region. Transparent panels open views onto the wealth of natural and cultural elements in the landscape. The planting strategy on the outside of the walls encourages long-term and seasonal changes. A lactose coating steers the growth of lichen, and time becomes a design element.