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salzachsteg south
«Salzachsteg South»
(Salzburg, Austria), Competition, 2009
Honorable Mention

Program: Cantilever bridge,
Mean range approx. 98 metre
Client: City of Salzburg
Partner: Prof. Ing. Antonio Capsoni
(B&C Associati)
Dr.Ing. Josef Taverner
(Studio Bergmeister)
With: Johanna Werschnig;
Marco Marazzi;
Armin Gasteiger, Kathrin Kral, Andrea Bassi, Matthias Gebhard, Michael Pfattner
The historical cultivation of the Salzach River created an artificial landscape made out of dams and intersections, resembling technical parameters. These were integrated into the concept of the bridge.

The frame, consisting of two column-free single-span beams, takes the unfavorable ground conditions into account. The two principal beams divide the bridge into the interior and the exterior view. The gradient of the simple, bent beams varies. In the middle of the beams, the cross section opens up and and tilts to the exterior; at the end of the beam it tilts to the left. This shape depicts the main driving direction of the cyclists. The bridge spans across the Salzach without additional columns in the river. It has an robust and compact steel frame with an economical span of 97 meters, with two bridge-deck covering torsion resistant hollow boxes. The shore heads of the bridge are made out of exposed concrete and resemble a dam,which connects the bearings with the bonding.

The required height is reached over a poured ramp and the entire balk-construction, is above the required height-level for shore areas and for the middle of the river. Nevertheless, the existing informal walkway under the bridge should be maintained, to conserve the characteristic edges of the shore.

The emplayed raw materials reflect the character of the Josefiau. Both columns are are made out of Corten-Steel, thus offering a surface that reacts to the environmental conditions and changes with time. Rust and Lichen will add their markings over time.