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Unipark Salzburg
Unipark Salzburg
(Salzburg, Austria), Competition, 2002
2. Phase

Program: university buildings, student housing,
sport center, cultural building
Client: City of Salzburg
Partner: Gernot Ritter, Veronika Hofrichter-Ritter,
(all n-o-m-a-d);
Matthias Frei
Size/Area: approx. 9 ha
Culture, Education, Sport, Landscape and the Everyday
A topographical intervention acts as the basis for the development of a complex and flexible spatial organization. In connection with the differentiated ordering of functions and through the high density of user frequencies, a series of friction points are provoked and employed to create a strong, city-oriented formal gesture.

A swinging constructed landscape plays with slight height differences and multiplies perspectives, and organizes the site, drawing it into the surrounding city structure and protected landscape zone in a gradual manner during each construction phase.

As initiator of spatial and vertical relationships and public space, the constructed topography binds together program, user, and existing structural and infrastructural elements, so that the area enjoys activity at night and during school holidays.