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vinzenz maria süess strasse
(Salzburg, Austria), invited competition, 2008

Program: Urban Study & Housing
Client: Stadtgemeinde Salzburg
With: Karin Dobbler, Andrea Überbacher
Visualization: Michael Lisner / Virtual DynamiX, Vienna
Size/Area: 4.650 m²

Place-making is a common term used in community development discourse, and discussions of "community" have threaded their way through the fields of urbanism and architecture for some time now. Architects cannot build community. Yet, they can improve and encourage smart spatial parameters to enable a sense of community to develop. Quality housing schemes offer one such opportunity. Thoughtful public and semi-public spaces can play the role of a generator and encourage the informal activities which are so important to building a sense of community amongst a citizenry.

Urban public space and a shifting landscape acts as a generator in this project and feeds into the district strategy of improving public space, strengthening a sense of organization and centrality, while strengthening the areas "durchgruente" character. It seeks to strengthen the existing network of public space and draw attention to the close proximity of the Salzach, and offer an informal space for communication and interaction. A new streetscape with differentiated volumes adds flair, and a range of high-quality, generous flats are provided with improved access to outdoor green space.