kmt / n-o-m-a-d    office for architecture, landscape & urbanism member of n-o-m-a-d
(Voerde, Germany), Competition, 2003
3. Prize

Program: City and Landscape Planning
Client: City of Voerde
Partner: Neil Davidson, Theo Lorenz,
Lisa MacKenzie, Tanja Siems
(all n-o-m-a-d)
Size/Area: approx. 9 ha
Idenity, Infrastructure, and the In-between:

Infrastructure has historically played a large role for the city of Vörde. The current battle to establish an identity for the city is based largely on previous interventions, particularly traffic. The city recognizes the potential of the competition areal, and this can be activated by intensifying the existing dynamic programs such as sport, culture, leisure, and education. Additionally, a selective mix of landscape-determining elements can be activated with focus given to the areas that lie in-between.

Infrastructural interventions create the development framework for the areal, and lift the Palace out of its historical isolation, initiating a series of fruitful transformations. The new consideration of movement and speed as program pull the fields of movement like a network through the site and integrate the palace beyond its visual and physical borders into the larger site.