kmt / n-o-m-a-d    office for architecture, landscape & urbanism member of n-o-m-a-d
Techniken und Tektoniken
(Salzburg, Austria), exhibition & lecture, 2003

Program: exhibition, lecture
Client: ICCM, Initiative Salzburg
Partner: Gernot Ritter, Veronika Hofrichter-Ritter,
Theo Lorenz, Tanja Siems,
Neil Davidson, Lisa MacKenzie
(all n-o-m-a-d)
technics and tectonics
"temporary space irritant"

Folded surfaces invade the stuck and symmetrically organized former chapel of the ICCM, and form a part of a temporary spatial intervention from n-o-m-a-d. The working methodes of n-o-m-a-d translates cultural influences and individual perceptions into build reality and the exhibition engages the day to day activities of the ICCM. The surfaces act as an information sculpture for the communication of working methods and n-o-m-a-d products: The projected web-page forms the core of an interactive work in progress, which along with images and a video loop, present the n-o-m-a-d. For the next month, the ICCM serves as a temporary laboratory for n-o-m-a-d. The exhibition mixes synergetically with the ICCM "International Summer Academy for Arts Managment" and formulates a testing ground for participants and visitors via an interactive homepage.