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Blocksanierung Murlingengasse
(Vienna, Austria), Study, 2010-2011

Program: Blocksanierungskonzept
Client: Wohnfonds Wien - Fonds für Wohnbau und Stadterneuerung
Partner: M.Arch. Christian Kronaus
Consultant: DI Baert
With: Stefanie Privoznik, Alex Mayer,
Sophie Tombleson
The strategy for the area of the blockrenovation in the Murlingengasse, is composed of 4 components, which blend integratively into each other to create a better framework requirements for a gradual and careful structureal renovation.

Firstly, the streets are used as an Impulse for the renewal. To account for the needs of the inhabitants, pedestrians, bicyclist and car owners and the need for additional parking facilities, the principle of "shared space" will be used. Since the strees are considered to be the main problem, amongst the residents, they will be the main focus of the blockrenovation.

Secondy, a de-sealing of the area, of approximately 20% is aspired. The current level lies at about 91 %, which is about 50 % above the Viennese average. Furthermore, the number of impervious surfaces shall be reduced, and the handling of the rainwater improved.

Thirdly, an increase in the number of available green areas. Research has shown, that the direct access of green areas has a significant influence on the inhabitant’s physical and mental health. In the renovation area there are la few small green areas, but also the Wilhelmsdorfer Park, which is in only five minutes footway accessible for 50% of the inhabitants.

Fourthly, in the existing space dedication wants an increase density. Concerning the good infrastructure of the area, and its centrality, this demand is justified. The heights of cullis and apexes should be unified, as well the clearing of the courtyard cultivation should be enforced.