kmt / n-o-m-a-d    office for architecture, landscape & urbanism member of n-o-m-a-d
Study, 2004

Program: Feasibility study for a mobile and flexible hotel
Partner: Gernot Ritter, Veronika Hofrichter-Ritter
(all n-o-m-a-d);
Hans Schaffer, Karl Pöschlmayer;
Size/Area: Stage 1, Hotel with 100 Beds
***nomad is a flexible and mobile hotel. A positive parasite which either embeds itself autonomously in a town, or adds itself to an existing infrastructure during peak seasons.

***nomad responds to the tourist seasons and travels with the changes of season. Through its nomadic ways, the use of the hotel can be extended from 3-5 months to 10 months. Mobility is maximised via variable, and simple to transport elements.

The goal of the ***nomad is to create a temporary and modern living space. With ***nomad, a hybrid system is created which absorbs the regional and local context. Thus, maximum flexibility is achieved and reaction time to local needs minimized.